Constructive Playthings Dog Academy 51 pc. Playset


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Product Description

Sit, stay, play! Your little dog lover will have a blast creating their very-own dog training academy with this set, which includes everything you need to train, exercise, board, groom, award, and even clean-up after your favorite dogs and puppies. Each piece in the 50-piece playset is realistic and features quality construction. There are 2 Dalmatians, 2 German Shepherds, 3 Corgis, 2 Collies, a Labrador and 2 Labrador puppies, a Bernese Mountain Dog and 2 puppies, as well as doggie equipment including brushes, bones, awards, dog houses, dog beds, food bowls, water bowls, fences, jumps, plants, plaques, and toys! Like all CP Toys, this set can easily be combined with other toys for greater fun. Recommended for ages 4 and up. For reference, the larger doghouse is 4?”W x 4”H.


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