Zoompha (Subterra – Brown) : Bakugan Mechtanium Surge Mobile Assault – ‘NOT’ Randomly Picked


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Product Description

Load your Bakugan on top of a Bakugan Mobile Assault, push it to a Bakugan card to activate it! To purchase other Bakugan Mobile Assaults in this series, search for: • BCCB05151-077F88FIG (Axellor: Darkus) • BCCB05144-077F88FIG (Axellor: Subterra) • BCC9IE20-077F88FIG (Axellor: Haos) • BCCB05Y7-077F8F0J92 (Hurrix: Aquos) • BCCB05120-077F8F0J92 (Hurrix: Haos) • BCC9IEY-077F8F0J92 (Hurrix: Subterra) • BCCB051Y-077F8F06408 (Impalaton: Darkus) • BCCB05106-077F8F06408 (Impalaton: Ventus) • BCC9IE06-077F8F18852 (Koptorix: Ventus) • BCC9I8O0-077F8F18852 (Koptorix: Haos) • BCC9I85D-077F8F18E9 (Rapilator: Pyrus) • BCC9I85H-077F8F18E9 (Rapilator: Aquos) • BCCB050A-077F8F06415 (Raytheus: Haos) • BCCB050D-077F8F06415 (Raytheus: Pyrus) • BCC9I8N9-077F8F18845 (Zoompha: Pyrus) • BCC9I8552-077F8F18845 (Zoompha: Darkus) • BCC9I8545-077F8F18845 (Zoompha: Subterra)


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